GameSir T4 Mini Gaming Controller Review

As a gamer, the tools you use in a game is very beneficial. The outcome of a game can be determined due to a faulty game controller by losing connection or being uncomfortable. Gamesir has a new controller that will not only make sure your still connected but your hand and fingers are very comfortable. They have a new controller called the T4 Mini. This controller is multi platformed, smaller than traditional controllers, and looks pretty badass when lit up.

I was able to test out this controller on my ASUS laptop playing one of my favorite games on here called Sky Racket. The controller button combination was smooth to the touch in the game and didn’t miss a beat. I enjoyed the various RGB lights from the controller during the game. I didn’t try and program the lights yet using the instructions provided but that is something that can be done in the future.

Here is our review:


  • Small Size
    • Many controllers these days are built for people with large hands and doesn’t give much traction for others whose hands are smaller. This controller is made for people who have smaller hands and brings a comfortability for them. The controller is smooth yet compact that will fit your hands quite well when gaming.
  • Multi Platform
    • I use one of my controllers for PC gaming only as its only designed for my computer. Other controllers may work with other technologies such as console gaming but others done work well with others. The T4 Mini works with IOS, Android, Switch, and computers. This controller works with many different platforms and gives its easy access.
  • Travel
    • With families traveling again, everyone is looking for items to take with them when they travel. The T4 Mini is small which makes it easier to pack in your carry on bag with you fly. The controller also has Bluetooth so this will be good when you want to play on your mobile or Switch console.



Rating: 9 out of 10

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