GameOn conference announcing first speakers

GameOn conference announcing first speakers

The gaming culture convention GameOn has always been a place of knowledge. Over the years this conference has seen many world-class speakers, prominent educators, psychologists and economists who shared their experiences in the gaming world. This year will be no different. On November 2-3rd, GameOn will host its fourth conference with the help of the largest Lithuanian game studio Nordcurrent.

Inspiration for developers

On a mission to grow the local indie scene and educate the developers, GameOn invited a true industry rock star as key note speaker. Rami Ismail is a well-known persona in the games industry. His studio Vlambeer has released critically acclaimed games such as Nuclear Throne, Ridiculous Fishing, Super Crate Box, or Serious Sam: The Random Encounter. Besides awesome games, Rami Ismail has many other achievements – in 2018 he received the GDC Ambassador Award, which honors individuals who are helping video games advance to a better place through advocacy or action.

GameOn will also have guests from beautiful Switzerland. Philomena Schwab, a board member of the Swiss Game Development Association, founded her independent game development studio Stray Fawn Studio, which recently released its first highly successful game Niche. Philomena Schwab will share her expertise in creating virtual communities and share secrets on how to connect with your players. She was also listed on Forbes 30 Under 30 list of computer technology professionals.

And not only developers

Game developers won’t be the only ones to gather their share of our conference wisdom. GameOn will host a separate conference track dedicated to those who want to learn more about the gaming culture in general.

Dr. Johanna Pirker is another GameOn guest featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 as a science professional. This honorable guest started researching and developing VR experiences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2011. During her talk, Johanna Pirker is going to present her experiences playing games from different countries, genres, and backgrounds. She will talk about stories trying to find these games and lessons learned about cultural diversity in gaming.

Leszek Szczepanski from Guerrilla Games studio worked on Killzone: Shadow Fall and Horizon: Zero Dawn. He came from a place in Poland where barely any game development used to happen. Living on the other side of the former Iron Curtain might make one feel far away from many exciting possibilities. Leszek Szczepanksi will debunk this myth and share his journey to Triple-A gamedev scene.

Another interesting talk will be given by Tsahi Libermann, a true veteran of game development. For many years now, Tsahi has been connecting the Israeli game industry with game industries around the world. Tsahi also leads the biggest game design and development school in Israel. In his talk he will review “peace-telling games” and show examples of conflict resolution games.

The list of these honorable guests will soon be filled up with some more famous names from all over the world. You can learn more about the conference on the GameOn event page.