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Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier Review

During our Houston trip, we decided to do a trip down the road to Galveston, TX. The travel to Galveston took a bit longer than usual as a lot of the highway was under construction. The slow traffic was abound throughout the trip to Galveston, but that didn’t faze us. Once we hit Galveston, we found some parking and headed to Galveston Island Pleasure Pier. This historic pier is something we heard stories growing up in the Rio Grande Valley.

Decided to do a quick review of my trip to the pier, but for more information, check out their website here:


Here is the review:


  • Easy Access to the Gulf of Mexico
    • Yes, mock me if you want! The Pier is on top of the ocean  but with an amazing view! All around the edges of the pier provided a glimpse of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico to everyone and beyond. Once you leave the pier, in a few steps, your in the sand next to the beach. The access to the ocean is quite easy and gives you and your family another fun route for their vacation needs!
  • Easy to Park
    • When driving to Galveston, I didn’t know where to park or where to go. With my trusty Google Maps, I was able to find a parking lot right next to the pier with quite ease. The price to park that day was only $8 but we did go their early around 1pm. I don’t know if the price changes throughout the day,  but the parking was quite easy.
  • Rides for Children
    • The park was filled with rides and attractions for children of all ages! There were even mini bumper cars for children that couldn’t go on the regular one due to height restrictions. My children and other children had fun throughout the park with classics such as teacup twirl, merry go round and much more! There is something for somebody at that pier!



Rating: 10 out of 10


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