G-FUEL Review! (KSI – StrawberryBanana)

As reading this review this is my first time that I have ever tried G-Fuel so I did not know what to expect. I have to say I really impressed what this company have created and I now see why it is so popular in the gaming and fitness community.  

I am a caffeine nut. Every chance I get I need a little caffeine to even me out throughout the day. At a minimum I am drinking at least 4-5 cups a coffee a day or I will even drink coffee while I am gaming. I am also a huge fan of Red Bull, so moving away from those products was going to be a challenge for me. I finally decided to find a substitute for my addiction and I have chosen G-Fuel.  

The hardest part in ordering this was the flavors. They have so many from Cotton Candy, Watermelon, Bomb Pop, and even some interesting flavors like, Hype sauce and Wumpa Fruit which is inspired by the new Crash Bandicoot game. I went with my go to flavor and ordered StrawberryBanana and this flavor was chosen by the very popular and famous Youtuber KSI.  

Right off the back the flavor smelled amazing and I now know why people collect the Tubs after they are done with them. They look so good that you do not want to throw them away. The powder dissolved so easy and quickly I didn’t even realize that it was already mixed in. The taste is what caught me off guard. I have had my fair share of flavorful products from pre-workouts and protein powders but I was very impressed on how this tasted EXACTLY like Strawberry and Banana. I felt as it was like a ordered a shake from a malt shop especially when you drink it cold.  

Lastly the side effects. Now in most caffeine filled drinks you usually have a crash afterwards and you feel that you may need another monster or red bull. Not with G-Fuel. I did not have tunnel vison, I did not have the jitters, and NO CRASH! 

My first impressions for G-Fuel are through the roof. I have never had a product like this before and it is helping me stay away from coffee and harmful energy drinks that I always regret drinking. I am definitely going back and ordering a couple more that way I can be stocked for the months to come. It is all about finding you flavor when you press that purchase button. I 100% recommend G-Fuel.  

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Reviewed by: https://www.twitch.tv/deltron_210

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