G-Fuel Nemesis Tea Review

We have been enjoying G-Fuel so much that we decided to give another flavor a try and this time we tried their Nemesis Tea. Searching for the right flavor is definitely important for us but sometimes you just have to jump and in try something new and we have to say that this Tea flavor is very good. 

The one thing that G-Fuel stands out from other companies is their wrapping around the tubs. This flavor is themed around Resident Evil 3 and they just slap a giant photo of Nemesis and the Umbrella logo to make sure you do not forget it.  

As we all know that there are so many different types of Tea flavors out there so we were curious to see what it tastes like to compare it too. As usual the powder is very well grounded to dust that way it makes it easier to mix it into your drinks. Also, with the 40 servings we are going to be drinking this for the following month and half to come. 

Once the flavor hits your tongue it brings a very familiar taste. It took us about 30 mins to realize that this flavor compares to a milder Brisk Ice Tea. It was so easy going down and very refreshing. It was kind of hard to believe that we were drinking an Energy supplement. We are glad to say that G-Fuel continues to be number one and we recommend you to pick one up. Let them know that DTS and DeltronZ sent you! 

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