Fun Family Adventure While Attending Cirque Italia

Disclosure: We were given passes to this event and we are doing an honest review!

The entrance was beaming as the cold winter couldn’t keep the fans away. There wasn’t an empty seat in the house and we were there to experience one thing. The one thing as a family we always wanted to try and that is Cirque Italia! This year, its in San Antonio, TX and located in the parking lot  at Ingram Park Mall! We got there a little early in order to check out the sights and sounds and boy we were in for a treat!

The stage looked amazing when we first walked in through the entrance. We were helped by some friendly people who showed us to our seats. After about 30 minutes, the lights went out and the music came on. We were astonished by the acts each person was doing and showcasing through their character. The music kept in tone of the visual representation of the event and we were in a trance. The performers were showcasing their talents and not only my family but the people around us were having so much fun.

In all, this is a fun adventure my family and I took to see what kind of show the performers were going to showcase. We were astonished by the characters they portrayed and showed great feats of strength and valor with the things they are doing. I do hope other families see Cirque Italia and enjoy this with their families as well.