Full Non-Beta Release of the VoxPop Client Announcement

The symphony starts to play the music with great adoration from the crowd. The spectacle has everyone ready at the moment for the big announcement to be told. The conductor signals the symphony to a higher tempo as no one notices the speaker take the helm. With a bold voice, the speaker announces that VoxPop full client release will be happening today. This day of days! The full client program will have more Dev tools, more game partnerships and releases, and amazing new features for Game Streamers and Users.
VoxPop Games is a peer-to-peer (P2P) independent games distribution & development platform. This full client release is designed to primarily benefit independent game developers, Let’s Players and Video Game Streaming personalities. We are excited to see what more will come from VoxPop Games and the evolution in gaming they will showcase in 2021.

Congrats to our friends from VoxPop and can’t wait to see more announcements in the future! Skol!

Listen to the announcement here:


Find more about VoxPop Games including downloading full client here: https://linktr.ee/voxpopgames