From the creators of Chroma Squad, Out of Space was released today!

From the creators of Chroma Squad and Knights of Pen & PaperOut of Space just came out from Early Access!

Released today!

BRASÍLIA, February 26th, 2020 – From the creators of Chroma Squad, the co-op couch-fun game just came out from early access!

In case you were curious to know what the guys at Behold had been doing for the past couple of years, Out of Space is now available for PC, Mac and Linux and it has been a lot of attention and recognition since the early access launch. This time, rather than a pixel art story driven game like the past celebrated games from the indie studio, the new title is a co-op couch-fun multiplayer with procedural spaceships that players need to put it order before calling it home.

“We’re aiming for a strategy game in a couch fun experience”, said Saulo Camarotti, the Creative Director behind the studio. “We have never seen an experience like that in other games of the genre, but the player’s response is amazing! They’re playing a lot since we started the Early Access back in April 2019”.

In Out of Space you’ll be moving to a new spaceship house, where you and your friends will have to clean it with mops and buckets of water, while containing the spread of the alien menace. You’re also responsible for building a sustainable ship, taking care of the food, building places to rest, buying new pieces of tech and even taking care of your dog. That’s when the strategic element of the game shines.

The game has local and online matches up to 4 players, and the developers also worked hard to create a good single-player experience, where you are helped by a friendly dog and a cleaning robot. Out of Space, now in its complete form, has everything you might want from this type of game! From achievements and unlockables to online matchmaking and highly replayable gameplay.

The game is currently available on Steam and other online stores for Windows, Mac and Linux, in more than 10 languages for US$ 14.99. Behold Studios confirmed they plan to bring it to consoles later this year with the help of Plug In Digital.

Out of Space – Game Trailer

The Studio

Behold Studios is an indie game development studio currently based in Toronto and Brasilia/Brazil, and was awarded over 60 times internationally. Founded in 2009, the studio focus in PC and Consoles. Currently working on Out of Space, they are mostly known for their previous games Knights/Galaxy of Pen & Paper and Chroma Squad. Website:


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