FRIENDS DON’T DIE new track SLOWDOWN is out now!

Friends Don’t Die is the moniker of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist George Gomez. The LA native has always had a passion for creating music, predominantly for film music, before deciding he had to start writing for himself. The result of this has been several releases since last year, bringing a modern, alternative sound with elements of shoegaze and rock intertwined. A clear natural ability for writing songs that hit you from that first second, Gomez now returns with his latest offering ‘Slowdown’.

A track which immediately draws you in with it’s droning guitars and synths, it is certainly reminiscent of Day Wave but with more angst and grunge. With the many genres swirling around ‘Slowdown’, it is unfair to pigeon hole it into one, which is what makes it so intriguing upon each listen. A personal meaning stems behind, referring to George’ wife advising him to slow down and trying to enjoy the simpler things we all take for granted in life.


A hook ridden chorus with a melodic flow that will have you singing on repeat, Friends Don’t Die have created an epic space for themselves to reside in. ‘Slowdown’ is a melancholy, yet upbeat and happy track, perfectly set for massive crowds across venues and festivals across the US. 


Speaking on ‘Slowdown’ Friends Don’t Die explains:


“‘Slowdown’ is a constant reminder to take it easy during all the crazy times in our lives.”