Frenemy Pastry Party Now on Kickstarter! 🍰

Frenemy Pastry Party
now on Kickstarter

Solis Game Studio is proud to announce the localization of Frenemy Pastry Party in English for the first time. Frenemy Pastry Party is designed by Jessie Li (well-known as the designer of Ponzi Scheme), and originally published by Mizo Games in Taiwan. Frenemy Pastry Party is a family-friendly game where players draft ingredients to later bake cakes. Friends can contribute ingredients and score together but be careful, your friends might not help you out when you really need them to. Gather the family around and bake some cakes!

The English version of the game will feature an additional Fox animal friend. In addition to the game, a Caketop Playmat, and animal friend T-shirts will be available as part of the Kickstarter. Solis Game Studio will be running a Kickstater mid-May and the game is expected to deliver fall 2020.

Solis Game Studio has teamed up with Shark Robot, a popular appeal website to bring Pastry Party Playmats and T-shirts to the Kickstarter campaign. Solis Game Studio will be working with Shark Robot in the future for apparel and accessories for various Board Game IP’s.

The Kickstarter is now live and will run for 30 Days.
About Frenemy Pastry Party
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Ages: 8+
Time: 15-30m
Players: 3-6
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Discovering Frenemy Pastry Party

Last year, I was at the Essen Game Faire, one of the few chances we have to meet boardgame publishers from all over the world. While wandering the halls, I ran into John Brieger, who was extremely excited to show me a tiny game he’d found called Frenemy Pastry Party. He loves to pick out games that are great but he believes never make it stateside. Later in the evening, a few of us gathered for drinks and my co-worker Jackie Florian was really excited to show off a game she’d found. That game — also Frenemy Pastry Party. Jackie and John found and liked the same indie title at this 200,000 person gaming convention? I was shook.

We played the game and we all had a fantastic time. It was simple to play and the social dynamic of who to trade with (and when) shined for us. We already knew each other very well, and that really pushed the social dynamics of it. It wasn’t until a few months later when I find myself at the dawn of making Solis Game Studio when I asked myself what my first title under this brand should be.
I’m very excited to work with Mizo Games to bring this game stateside. Frenemy Pastry Party is the kind of title that reminds me of why I want to make games. Let’s gather with our closest friends and have a great time. Let’s express our friendships with each other in how we play. Also, cake.