FREE STEAM DEMO! Moo Lander’s first international Galactic Mooball competition is almost here!

Moo Lander’s first international Galactic Mooball competition is almost here!

To celebrate their most successful multiplayer mode – The Galactic Mooball, and Moo Lander’s participation in Gamescom 2021, The Sixth Hammer have prepared something truly unique! Presenting – the first ever Galactic Mooball global competition. In order to make this happen, leaderboards are being integrated into Moo Lander’s special multiplayer mode, along with a point system to see which Landers (or Cows) will score the most goals. Let’s dive into the details below.

A Secret Cow Level?

Moo Lander is a unique blend of platforming, puzzle solving, resource management and lots of intense, action-packed combat. All of this – presented in great 2D graphics, memorable environments, excellent level design and challenging combat. Your hero is operating the last viable spaceship of his dying civilization. The mission – gather enough of the precious milk resource in order to save your home world. This is no easy task, as the milk is guarded by the Ancient Mighty Cows! Each biome has its own Cow guardian with different portfolio of abilities and traits.

You must go through treacherous terrain and defeat all kinds of hostile flora and fauna, native to the mysterious planet you explore. Coupled with smart puzzle solving, environmental hazards and obstacles, Moo Lander provides a mash-up of crazy cool, memorable gaming experiences. Adding a multiplayer couch co-op to the mix (with even the option to play as the mighty cow bosses) defines the game as a fun, family friendly way to spend some quality time together in the living room.

The Mooltiplayer

With battles being so hilariously epic, the only thing left to do was bringing mooltiplayer to the table. Or should we say – to the couch – we just had to give our players the option to play as an Ancient Mighty Cow! You can expect up to six different modes of 4-player local couch co-op multiplayer (two of them are already available in the demo), as well as Steam Remote Play option:

  • Fight The Cow – Players can fight for dominion with up to 2 Landers and 2 Cows;
  • Two Landers VS AI Cow – Up to 2 players can try and defeat the near unbeatable mighty AI cow;
  • Chase the Cow – 1 VS 1 challenge in which the fastest one wins;
  • Survive the waves – A co-op adventure for up to 2 Landers and 2 cows;
  • Galactic Mooball – Test your soccer skill with The Landers or Ancient Mighty Cows;
  • Boss Rush – Go up against all the Mighty Cows consecutively, see how far can you go.

Competition dates

The Galactic Mooball competition will be held exclusively during this year’s Gamescom!

  • COMPETITION START: 25th of August
  • COMPETITION END: 29th of August (included)

Between these two dates, Moo Lander’s free Steam demo will be updated with this cool new multiplayer mode, which is basically a soccer simulation, but with cows and flying spaceships. Each scored goal will earn points for the player. As these points accumulate, the leaderboards will take shape with the Mooball champions on top!

How to participate?

Participation in the Galactic Mooball global competition is simple as one, two, three:

  1. Download Moo Lander’s free Steam demo and install.
  2. Get a gamepad ready.
  3. In the Mooltiplayer section, select the “Galactic Mooball” option.
  4. Start scoring goals with friends, either locally or via Steam Remote Play.

For more information about the competition, as well as the leaderboards, visit our official website here.

Every scored goal will accumulate points in the leaderboards, which will be situated in the game’s website.

The Prizes

If there’s a competition, then there would be prizes as well! In Moo Lander’s first global Galactic Mooball event, substantial prizes for the top five leaderboard players are prepared. All of the 5 winners will get a key for the Extended Demo so they can continue playing Galactic Mooball as well as the future multiplayer modes after the competition ends. Along with this, here are the other prizes:

  • 1st place – A special Moo Lander T-Shirt + 25€ Steam Gift Card
  • 2nd place – 25€ Steam Gift Card
  • 3rd place – 10€ Steam Gift Card
  • 4th place – 5€ Steam Gift Card
  • 5th place – 5€ Steam Gift Card

Choose a side!

The Galactic Mooball multiplayer mode requires players to choose one of two sides – either The Landers or The Ancient Mighty Cows. These two factions have their own playstyle and abilities – The Landers handle the ball with The Milk Saber and are airborne the whole time, whereas the Mighty Cows stomp in front of them to tackle the ball, but are mostly grounded (which doesn’t mean they are helpless!).

Choose an arena.

Of course, every good galactic sport needs its own fantastic arena. There is a wide variety of different Galactic Mooball arenas, each with its unique terrain, environmental mechanics and obstacles. And to boot, we’ve added over 20 different soccer balls, each with a preset of distinct physical properties. All this guarantees that every single Galactic Mooball match will be a one-of-a-kind experience!

Time to Moo ball!

Only during the official Competition dates (from the 25th till the 29th of August), everybody can join the exiting adventure that is The Galactic Mooball Competition – a friendly multiplayer entertainment, a test of one’s mooball soccer skills, all while earning points and win rewards. Starting the 25th of August, only during Gamescom 2021, cosmic milk and mighty cows will await the players of Moo Lander’s first ever global competition! And who know, maybe this will turn out to be a great Moolympic sport.