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Free Sam’s Club Membership for New Moms

*UPDATED WITH EMAIL ADDRESS LINK* Come one and come all, a FREE YEARS MEMBERSHIP to Sam’s Club if you are a mom! or new mom as they want you to say! *updated*


Fill out information and when it gets to 4 digit sams club number just put in 4 hashtags (####) and then question is in club, subject should be pregnant or new mother requesting information and question is that you heard about a promotion for new mothers and provide them information about you and yourself and should get this done really soon. Heard getting membership in a matter of minutes, faster than calling.


When clicked there, call the number 1+ (888) 746-7726

and then let me know that you are a new mom or answer one of those situations on the page, and then you should receive a 1 year membership to Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club Help Desk

phone-tree menu, choose first number 1 : Assistance with and then right after click 5 : and then click 3 : Questions about becoming a member

Once you finally get a representative, tell him/her that you are calling regarding the Free Annual Membership for New Mothers offer. The requirements are that your are over 18 years old, expecting or that the child is under 12 months old. Then, they should process your membership request.

You must be a new mom such as just had a child or pregnant.

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