Freddy Krueger and Other Horror Guest Invade Alamo City Comic Con 2018

The 2018 Alamo City Comic Con lineup is full of great celebrities and some huge names. As a horror movie fan, I was excited to see the horror movie celebrities and ACCC is bring some good ones. A reunion of The Craft witches such a huge cult movie for horror fans Neve Campbell, Rachel True, and the baddest one Fairuza Balk. Michael Rooker is known for so many great roles but horror fans love him in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

C. Thomas Howell is known for many great roles from The Hitcher to Attack of the Killer Donuts a true horror legend.

Scream Queen royalty Dee Wallace has been in some legendary horror from the original The Hills Have Eyes to Cujo and the more recent Death House. She has an iconic movie career and continues to start in films. Which leads us to the main man himself the man of everyone’s nightmares Robert Englund who is Freddy Krueger. Freddy comes ready to slash his way through ACCC. The iconic Freddy Krueger the man needs no introductions as Robert still and will always be a horror movie icon and legend. So be sure to get your passes and photo op’s with your favorite celebrities and ACCC  has something for everyone and come out with friends and family and make some great memories. For more information and links for tickets and photo op’s follow the link below.