Fracter Review


Available on Steam

It’s time for a new game review and this time I got a cool and unique one that just came out this month called Fracter! It is available for download on Steam which I played with my keyboard for controls.

I was intrigued by the name as it sounds like fractured/fraction or another variant in being split. Upon starting up the game it has very Kingdom Hearts like vibes as it has a lot of light vs dark phrases as well as riddles to help you out in each section. It does start of with those that are using either a joystick or keyboard with a mini tutorial of the basic functions to get started.

The art of the game is black and white which is essentially the theme of the whole game overall. It is a simple art style of gaming but with a lot of shadow play with the minimum light that they give you on your quest.

The game itself is based around a girl that is presumed to be young and finds herself activating a crypt that splits herself between light angel like version of herself she must find. She does encounter dark versions of herself that are creepy versions of herself that come off as zombie, spiderlike, or even some giant version. If you get caught – you got to retry again.

Fracter has a ton of puzzles with each of the different levels you go through that indicate how many pieces of yourself are in the level to collect but not required to find them all at the time of me playing (of course ill be going back myself to find them all). Each section of the level has a nice contrast between puzzle quests, puzzle with dark copies, and just sneaking past the dark copies of yourself.

I love the quotes that appear in each level that usually give you a hint of what to do and how the level will be overall – sometimes losing is going to be your best bet on what not to do since it is a well created puzzle game.

I can’t wait to finish the game and find all the pieces as this game really captivates a unique twist to stand out from other puzzle games while creating an almost therapeutic approach to finish each level.