Founder’s Program for The Video Game Machine™ Begins Today

Plymouth, MI. – May 29, 2019 – Today, Stardock announced the start of the Founder’s
Program for The Video Game Machine, a sandbox game where players can create, play, and
share video games of their very own.

“If you play games, odds are you’ve wanted to try making one too,” said lead designer Scott
Tykoski. “The Video Game Machine is a game that lets you pick a genre, choose some rules,
and unleash your inner game designer.”

An alpha for the game released today and includes the first two genres: Platformer and
Adventure. Players are encouraged to leave feedback on Stardock’s forums in order to
participate in the development process.

“Player feedback is so important at this stage,” said Tykoski. “The game has been designed to
be easy enough that anyone can create their own games while still having enough power that
savvy gamers can create truly unique games with it. We want to make sure that everyone is
having a good time and that the process for creating is as intuitive as we want it to be.”

Some of the game genres players can expect to find in The Video Game Machine as it develops
are side-scrollers, shoot ‘em up, and adventure. The genre choice takes care of the game’s
basic game mechanics. From there, the player sets up the game’s rules and selects the
characters they want in their game such as knights, superheroes, ninjas, cats, and more.
The Video Game Machine includes a host of pre-made games that players can edit, or they can
start with a blank slate and start creating. Players can share their games online, as well as
download games made by others to try them out.

The Video Game Machine is $9.99. Users can join the Founder’s Program and play the alpha
right away at To learn more about the alpha, visit the forums.

About Stardock: Stardock is a developer and publisher of games and PC software founded in 1991 by
internationally recognized technologist Bradley Wardell. Its games include Sins of a Solar Empire,
Offworld Trading Company, Star Control: Origins, Galactic Civilizations and Ashes of the Singularity. Visit to learn more.