Former PopCap Studio Head is working with The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild to publish his new galactic platformer, ‘Space Otter Charlie!’

Seattle, Washington - April 7, 2020 - Seattle publisher The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild 
announces collaboration with Wayward Distractions to publish 'Space Otter Charlie,' a fuzzy 
galactic puzzle-platformer, later this year. Set hundreds of years after humans have 
abandoned the planet, Earth's otters find themselves in increasingly hot water. 
The time has come for them to take their fate into their own paws, leave the Earth, and 
find their place among the stars.

Wayward Distractions' Ed Allard says of 'Space Otter Charlie,' "From Mario to Crash to 
Rayman, I've always loved a good platformer. With 'Space Otter Charlie,' I wanted to 
explore what would happen if you took the main antagonist from those games - GRAVITY - 
out of the equation. What better character to explore the far reaches of otter space than 
a nimble little furball who spends all his time floating around on his back being cute!? 
Did you know that sea otters have tiny pockets under their arms that they use to carry tools? 
Who could be more ready for a galactic voyage?"

You play as Charlie, an intrepid otter adventurer shooting for the stars! Sometimes a 
critter must go from floating around the sea to floating around in zero-g. Luckily, with 
the aid of a jet pack, you can swim around space with ease, as long as you make sure you 
have enough fuel. Latch on to some space debris, and maybe your laser can give you an added 
boost if you're not using it to fight off robots that seem to think you're just a 
troublesome rat! Craft gear, upgrades, and power-ups to give yourself the best chance of 
making it safely to your new home.

The galaxy's about to get a whole lot cuter; prepare yourself by wishlisting 'Space Otter 
Charlie' on Steam and following @SpaceOtterC on Twitter!

Releasing on PC in 2020 

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About The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild was founded in 2011 and received global critical 
acclaim for their early titles, 'The Bridge' and 'Tumblestone.' In 2019, the company 
broadened its focus to collaborating with indie developers publishing on PC and consoles. 
Given Quantum's experience as an indie dev, they strive to never offer deals they wouldn't 
accept themselves before becoming a publisher. The studio recently published 'Roundguard,' 
making it the fifth game in their library. You can look forward to award-winning games 'Sail 
Forth,' and 'Deleveled' among the many games releasing from Quantum this year.

About Wayward Distractions 
Wayward Distractions is a small group of game industry veterans with a passion for 
working in small, creative teams on strange and new ideas. Founded by Ed Allard, 
former PopCap Head of Studios, the company draws on decades of experience working on 
everything from casual game hits like 'Plants vs Zombies' to big-budget PC and console 
games. Keeping true to their history, Wayward Distractions aims to put their unique spin 
on hand-crafted fun.