Forgotten Fields Review

Frostwood created something that I was not expecting. As you are first loading up Forgotten Fields you are introduced to our main character Sid who is a trying to create an adventure novel. The conflict of his story is that he does not know how create his novel and he has till the end of day to be able to complete book. What I absolutely appreciated was the tone of the game and how relaxing it was to be able to play as Sid. The story progression was pretty slow but it goes give you action timed sequences in between the slower parts of the game to keep you on your toes. Let us talk about the Pros and Cons.  


  • Beautiful visuals 
  • Great storytelling 
  • Active puzzle solving 
  • Soundtrack 


  • In-Game Glitches 
  • Screen flickering 
  • Long character interactions 

Rating: I would give Forgotten Fields “6” out of 10 

As a whole this game is absolutely a fantastic game to just play in your free time. I know there are times that where I do not want to play anything but puzzle games just to sit down and relax. Even though there are some issues with the game the story does make up for it. This would be a fantastic game to just sit down with a glass a wine and just enjoy. It is almost like reading a book itself.