A gathering of publishers and games all under one booth showcasing their top titles and previewing upcoming hits for players of any age!

Forever Stoked Creative is partnering with its publishers and collaborators to bring a mega booth of gaming to PAX UNPLUGGED. Their booth, #2437, includes titles from Arcane Minis, Erasmus Fox, L.H. Fruit Co., killjoy, CMON, Brain Games, Pop Fiction, and more!

“We’ve been working with a lot of amazing publishers and collaborators over the last couple of years, and we figured what better way to get back to conventions than to throw a weekend-long booth party showing off a ton of cool projects with our friends!” said Matt Fantastic, Creative Director at Forever Stoked, regarding the mega booth their team has put together for the show.

Highlights include:

Aldarra Reborn 
A strategy board game of fierce fantasy conflict and awe-inspiring airship designs in which three to six players control opposing fleets on a mission of exploration and conquest. Set in the popular world of Sordane, you’ll journey through the realm to gather resources, build armies, make discoveries, and wage epic battles for the domination of a lost civilization. Published by Arcane Minis

Everyone Else Thinks This Game Is Awesome 
Scale the ivory tower, either by being right or knowing who else is. From New York Times bestselling pop science authors Zach and Kelly Weinersmith, along with celebrated game designer Matt Fantastic comes a game that you can win either by knowing the truth or knowing who doesn’t. Everyone Else Thinks This Game Is Awesome is a tabletop trivia game where players take on the role of scientific professionals. Either by knowing the answers to questions or by knowing who, if anyone, knows the answer,  they earn citation points to fight their way up the academic ladder. Published by Erasmus Fox

Most Cutest! 
Is Amy Doghouse cuter than Authur the baby rhino? What about Meatball the Meerkat? It’s all relative as you take turns picking the Most Cutest animal around and trying to guess how the other players voted. Published by L.H. Fruit Co.

There are a couple of  ~Super Secret Projects~ we’re only showing to media and industry partners as they haven’t been announced yet. Plus even more new games like Shitty Werewolf and Blocko Taco.

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Forever Stoked Creative is a design & development studio that makes rad games with awesome people.