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Foregone Demo Review Steam PC

I was on Facebook timelines scrolling away until I saw this post about a game called Foregone. I saw a lot of positive comments about the game and how well people are enjoying the game. I then got on my laptop and searched for the game titled Foregone on my steam app and downloaded the demo. As I got my controller out to my laptop and double click the icon, I was ready to try something different out on Snow Day!

You are an arbitrator that was sent to stop the monsters from continuing to steal technology and conquering your area. The game started off fast with various tutorial instructions for the game such as jump and strike with a weapon whenever you met an obstacle. I was able to learn on the go about the game and of course use my sword to slice and dice some monsters and evil doers. I was then met with a gentlemen saying I had to go and prevent this from happening in the past and was zapped back to the past. The surroundings changed from a post apocalyptical forest and buildings into a present day forest and slightly dented buildings. From there, I was able to go to an outpost and use the items I collected to either upgrade my weapons or salvage them for coins. Then I was able to continue to fight the monsters and soldiers with upgrade weapons and various health regeneration when needed.

I enjoyed playing this game the flow was fast, efficient and just damn fun. I enjoyed the art detail of the game from post apocalyptical to present day. The artist did a fantastic job where I felt like this was a museum of art being showcased in this game. The story line had me hooked as I wanted to know more on what had happened and picking up passages from the game concerning more details of what was going on got my imagination rolling.

I can’t wait for the final version of this game to try and play it full through. The game as a demo felt like very good and didn’t notice any issues at this time.

Get Foregone on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1000760/Foregone/

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