No wonder millions of new rangers are rushing to Malheim!

YOOZOO Games, Shanghai — 18.07.19 | GTarcade’s ultra-real team hunting title Rangers of Oblivion has monstered a number of notable milestones — recently passing six million registered users — with the recent Silver Keep update alone bringing in over 1.5 million new players. The game also boasts an impressive 65% day two retention rate and has now been officially recommended on the App Store and Google Play Store a total of four times.

Players are still unearthing new resources and finding much-needed shelter within the walls of Silver Keep, the last surviving outpost for humanity outside the Kingdom of Avalon. With an all-new weaponry system to master, Ancient Engravings, all manner of previously unseen weaponry has been unleashed — enchanted and imbued with the power of the ancient gods; a parting gift that promises to deliver Malheim from the relentless threat of the Behemoths.

Now, with things really heating up, as summer hits the Silver Keep, players can take part in the very first Silver Keep Summer Carnival! And what better way to kick-off Carnival than throwing on some scorching hot swimwear. For the duration of the event, your favourite characters will be unveiling never-before-seen costumes. Surely, the only thing better than a round of epic monster-hunting in Rangers of Oblivion, is indulging your inner swimwear model while doing it.

Amongst the non-enchanted weaponry to appear in the game is a new sword, dubbed “Thunder Lord”. Players are required to attain and master next-level swordsmanship in order to unlock the true power of this mighty blade. Throughout Silver Keep’s summertime, those working and constructing in the city will be well rewarded, with the Ranger’s Headquarters and the Silver City Hall available to explore.

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