Fly Real Drones and Battle Enemies with vRotors


Jump into the Cockpit of a Real Drone Using a PC or VR Gear to Fly Like the Pros – Integrated Twitch Functionality Invites Streamers to Interact Directly with Their Audience

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 12, 2019 – vRotors, a company built by an Acclaim Games founder with a former Niantic creative pioneer, announced today its new mixed reality platform game that puts players in the cockpit of an actual drone. Flying on a real course, they’ll race against and wage war on other players from around the world. The new platform invites anyone with a PC or VR headset to experience the fun of racing drones without the challenge of finding legal locations, the fear of crashing, or finding others to race against. The drone mounted camera gives users a full first person / mixed reality cockpit experience for aspiring aces.

Not just fun for the player, vRotors is fully integrated with Twitch, giving spectators the opportunity to influence the race’s outcome by taking charge of repairing the ship and providing weapons support. Streamers interested in joining the upcoming beta for this highly interactive experience should visit:

Check out vRotors in action HERE:

Streamers / content creators interested in taking part in the beta test should email: [email protected]

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“With the booming drone racing market now receiving global attention and being featured on ESPN, we saw an opportunity to offer this experience to a much wider audience,” said Neil Malhotra, CEO of vRotors. “One of the biggest obstacles to flying a drone is the expense and risk that comes with it. We have removed this by offering 15-minute racing and combat drone flights that take advantage of AR and VR capabilities found in gaming.”

vRotors’ Features Include: 

  • Mixed Reality: Augmented reality puts 3D objects seamlessly into a real environment, providing players the ability to pilot an actual drone on a real course with augmented objectives, weapon fire and enemies.
  • Twitch IntegrationvRotors fully incorporates audience participation via Twitch Chat and custom extensions, where viewers can repair their favorite streamer’s ship as it takes damage from hostile obstacles or provide additional weaponry in the race to victory.
  • Weapons System: Launch missiles and fire lasers to reap destruction on enemy targets or fire flares to confuse their armaments.
  • Low Risk, High Reward: Purchase a 15-minute flight session where players can race against or buddy up with friends from around the world. Each pilot will receive a full video of their flight to share with friends and develop new strategies. vRotors’ technology limits the risk of crashes, but should it happen, the company fully assumes the risk. No more worrying about the repair and upkeep, vRotors’ drones are always ready for action.

vRotors opens up real flight experiences to the vast home gaming audience,
in real time, via its live mixed reality platform. Players use their PC or VR headsets to enter virtual cockpits and fly real, remotely connected drones on approved courses located around the world. The cockpit shows the action from a camera stationed on the drone and features instrumentation with altitude, speed, weapons overlays and directional information. Using augmented reality, course objectives, challenges, and even enemies are overlaid onto the real environment.

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Founded by Neil Malhotra, a veteran technology innovator in both aerospace and entertainment media, and video game industry pioneer John Zuur Platten, vRotors has solved the challenge of controlling remote hardware in real-time and applied the technology to consumer drones. Their first release is a real time, live drone-racing platform. From home, gamers use their PC or VR headsets to enter virtual cockpits and fly real, remotely connected drones on courses located around the world. vRotors is bringing reality into gaming, offering a tangible connection to the real-world. Its mission is to transform the video game industry into an event driven and highly interactive experience. For more information visit: