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Flowing Lights Swerves onto Digital Storefronts Today!

gFaUmNe is happy to announce that, Flowing Lights, launches today on Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, and PC through Steam for $9.99 USD. Flowing Lights is the first game from new Indie studio, gFaUmNe, which is led by 28 year industry veteran Denis Dufour.
Combining physics based puzzling with intense SHMUP-like action, in Flowing Lights you’ll need to curve your shots and bend your thinking as you take on wave after wave of monsters. Overcome an avalanche of bullets, eke out a victory, and then try it all again as you strive to get better scores by satisfyingly stringing together combos.

Flowing Lights is available on Windows PCs (via Steam)Nintendo Switch™, and Xbox One right now!

About Flowing Lights
Flowing Lights is an Arcade Puzzle Shooter. A new take on SHMUPs with physics and puzzle-infused level design. The gameplay is smooth and challenging, tailored for those who enjoy “dying and retrying” a few tactics before succeeding. It’s a modern experience with a retro feel, all wrapped up in a colorful minimalist bow.


  • Puzzle elements for a varied, always fresh experience
  • Retro Arcade gameplay: smooth, accurate, challenging
  • Unique physics based gameplay, gravity is the true 3rd dimension
  • 200 fights created with love, each one unique and with optional challenges
  • Power Ups, Combos, Ranks and online leaderboards for more replayability
Curious about the tech behind the game? Check out this playlist

About gFaUmNe

Created by industry veteran Denis Dufour, who has been writing code and managing teams since 1993, gFaUmNe (FUN game) is a new Indie studio based in Montréal, Québec. Relying on his years of experience, Denis and gFaUmNe work to find the right balance between fun and business when it comes to creating video games.

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