Float like a butterfly, sting like a starfighter in Swarm VR

Swing like Spider-man while blasting bots in arcade-style FPS mayhem for Oculus Quest & Rift

Greensky Games is thrilled to announce that neo-arcade FPS Swarm VR has landed on Oculus Quest and RiftSwarm makes players feel like they’re a gun-toting Spider-man as they swing from platform to platform and are plunged into a flow-state-inducing bout of FPS action.

Things are looking bleak for planet Earth when players start their adventure in Swarm. A horde of robotic aliens with a penchant for destruction have ported their way onto the planet, and it’ll be up to players to cull the onslaught. All is not lost for humanity, though. As Marv, players are armed with the latest secret tech, a sense of humor, and self-assurance generally reserved for classic 80’s action game protagonists.

When diving into the 25 dynamic levels in Swarm, players are plunged into a flow state where free-falling, grappling, and mid-air suspension volleys all blend together fluidly. Featuring Greensky Games’ original Smooth Grappling System (SGS), players will feel like Spider-man as they grapple from one platform to the next, experiencing realistic and tactile tension with every swing. Designed to be an exhilarating experience, Greensky Games has fine-tuned the game’s grappling system so players don’t get motion sick and can focus on landing those strategic shots instead.

In SWARM, players can slow down time to catch their breath and take a shot they won’t miss. Or use Zip to turn their bodies into a battering ram, unleashing a delightful flurry of melee attacks on enemies as they fly across the arena. From rocket launchers to lasers, SWARM provides devastating firepower for any and all situations that call for decisive and punishing action.

Hearkening back to the glory days of arcades, Swarm doesn’t shy away from giving players a challenge. Swarm’s high skill ceiling will require players to think strategically when planning their next move or shot if they want to stay alive. Featuring a global leaderboard for those looking for bragging rights, Swarm allows players to chase the coveted high score spot. Players with a need to shake things up can look forward to weekly challenges and level modifiers courtesy of Greensky Games.

Swarm is available now on Oculus Quest and Rift through the Oculus store with cross-buy support. The intense and demanding gameplay of Swarm will be coming to Steam in the following months as well as PSVR later this year. For more information on Swarm, visit the official site here.

Key features include:

  • Swing around beautiful cel-shaded worlds and feel like Spiderman, with a gun.
  • A modern FPS with classic arcade shooter spirit, intense, physical, flow-state inducing.
  • Build up momentum and swing at just the right time – then rain down death from above.
  • Slow down time to take aim, dodge incoming fire, and survive the deadliest of attacks.
  • Face off against cunning enemies which will require strategy to defeat.
  • Competitive global leaderboards with 25 dynamic levels spread across 5 zones.


About Greensky Games

Greensky Games is the developer behind SWARM, a fast-paced, arcade-style grapple shooter where you really feel like Spiderman with a gun. Only possible in VR. Greensky Games’ mission is to bring VR into the mainstream by building games that couldn’t possibly exist on any other platform: intense, physical, flow-state inducing. It was founded in 2019 by veteran VR developers and is funded by Y Combinator and other top-tier VCs. Visit us at https://www.greensky.games/.

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