CES 2021 showcased the best products in the world through various innovations streamlined to the masses. Many new inventions are brought into view as they utilized some of the newest technologies offered today. One of the companies out there changing the world is called Fledging. They showcased a few products during CES 2021 that has captured the public’s eye. They captured our eyes as we saw something that will not only change the world but will add new chapters to history books.

Fledging has a new product called the Shell Thunder External Drive that has caught our curiosity. This external drive is different than other external drives as it utilizes the USB-C port with Thunderbolt 3.0 connections. As we unscrewed the cover to check under the hood, we saw a feature that caught our eyes and dropped our jaws to the floor.

Here is our review:


  • Built in Fans
    • Ok, this freaking surprised me hard! When I opened the enclosure, there is a set of mini fans built into the enclosure. I understand SSD drives can pack in heat as they work hard to bring out the best in their product. Many external drives have heat sinks for the drives to help with heat but never thought I would see fans in a enclosure! I was astonished on how cool this is!  This enclosure from Fledging is making sure this external drive works to its top potential. These fans will make sure the drive is cool and ready to rock!
  • Thunderbolt 3 Connection
    • USB-C is a port on computers that is fairly new that many companies are now utilizing. Thunderbolt 3 is one of the newest solutions in technology these days. This “superstar” of connectors can deliver data, display, or even docks with just one connection. The connection is again, a “superstar” which means, this bad boy is going to go fast. I was astonished on how fast this drive delivered my files to my system. I’m used to waiting on the delivery of files or folders onto a USB but with this Thunderbolt connection, it was done in a mere seconds. I don’t even think a second was even calculated.
  • NVMe SSD Options
    • Prior to buying the enclosure, you could add an NVMe of your choice to the drive from their website. They range from sizes such as 256GB all the way to 2TB. If you already have an NVMe drive that is ready to be put in there, then you can purchase the enclosure bare. The drive does come with a screw driver for any future upgrades to the enclosure.
  • Quiet
    • I’m used to the buzz that comes from external drives as that signifies something is moving or just being on when plugged in. I have to admit, I unplugged it a few times prior to checking the Drive Management in Windows to make sure its actually working. I even put the drive to my ear to hear something. I was like, where is the sound? How do i know its on? That is a bliss I didn’t realize I needed for my self to give trust into this drive to know its working and doing what its suppose to do.



Rating: 10 out of 10

As a person that relies on external drives for projects for my business, I have to make sure the external drive is fast, efficient and trustworthy. Fledging has an external drive that lives up to its main name as Shell Thunder! You feel the roar as this external drive delivers your projects fast and quietly. The drive is quiet even with built in fans into the enclosure which shocked us all. The drive utilizes NVMe SSD drive with a connection through USB-C Thunderbolt 3. You actually feel like your Sonic the Hedgehog as you zoom through your work fast and efficiently. All in all, a very good product that will save you the hassle of those every day drives that feel like a lemon yet this external drive is the Porsche of your dreams.

Buy one here: https://fledging.net/products/shell-thunder