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Flashback Mobile Review! A classic gone modern

Flashback Mobile is the action-adventure Mobile Port and remastered release of the hit 1992 science fiction cinematic platformer game Flashback. The story follows young scientist Conrad B. Hart—who awakens on Titan, a colonized moon of Saturn, with no memory of his past. He has to learn to survive the dangers of this new world while trying to solve the mysteries surrounding his amnesia. A classic retroscoped game, this port now allows you to choose different difficulties, switch to a modern mode that has post-FX graphic filters, “rewind” the game and hear a completely remastered soundtrack. If you played Flashback before, you won’t want to pass on this one. 

The game comes with all the original levels for story mode and as well as an AR mode in the options to make your own scenes with Conrad wherever you are at giving him different actions that he does in-game, take your kitchen counter and make it into an action sequence!


The controls on this game took me a few days to get used to because it’s swipe & pressure touch I found it frustrating at times having to swipe multiple times and the specific response not responding or not knowing at times to pressure hold for a long jump, I found myself a lot of the time always accidentally drawing my weapon rather then what I wanted to do. I feel if this game had a regular mapped button layout on-screen it’d be a lot better and more comfortable when playing if not that then tips throughout the game to remind you how to execute an action. of course, you can switch over to the classic play style if the modern way becomes too much 


The music is really great when involved in an action sequence I enjoy it a lot but I wish the levels themselves had a background track rather than the ambient nature sounds you hear while playing until you have to draw your weapon does the music cue up I noticed 


Overall I enjoyed this game with all its puzzles and enemies I had found myself pulling my phone out more and more when I saw available time to play to want to get to the ending. if you haven’t played  it I’d definitely recommend it, for me this game stands at a 6/10 

you can pick it up now on the google play store as well as the Ios App store for $5

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-De Leon