First age and wisdom, second … ? Third Profit! Listen to new song Dirty 30s by Creative Mind Frame

Nerdcore musician Creative Mind Frame (AKA 1-UP) kicks off the new year with a new album for the adults with responsibilities called Dirty 30s. The first single released is a track titled “Dirty 30s” all about the self-realizations we should all have about how to treat others and love ourselves.

Dirty 30s is a 10 track album where relatable songs were inspired from every day conversations with friends and coworkers. While it is a departure from his normal style of gaming, anime and story telling themed albums it maintains the jovial and comedic spirit which most listeners use to describe him. Mixed by Creative Mind Frame and mastered by K-Murdock of Panacea the album is created specifically for maximum fun.

Song Link // Video Link // Album Website

Creative Mind Frame is your favorite Ghanaian / Lebanese Business Process Engineer and Ninja Athlete who performs at gaming conventions across the United States. He’s performed at MAGFest, Penny Arcade Expo, SXSW, MomoCon and Otakon to name a few with notable Nerdcore musicians such as Mega Ran, Sammus, MC Frontalot, Kadesh Flow and more. His next appearance is the Geeks of Color Expo in Austin Texas February 18th 2020.

“Also, speaking off the cuff — this goes so hard, it’s ridiculous.” – Underground Music Collective (Koopa Swag review)

“This gem of a music video found its way to us via Twitter, and, in the moment we watched the preview snippet, the earworm lodged itself firmly into our brains and hearts.” – Pi Foundation (Raspberry Pi computers)

“Check out the following up and coming artists” – MC Frontalot

Please contact [email protected] for interviews, and further info.

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