Find The Perfect Valentine’s Gift With Devils River Whiskey

Valentine’s Day for 2022 will be on a Monday! Can you believe that? Everyone’s favorite time of year where love could and will be in the air is on a weekday. What will you do? Will you celebrate early? Will you celebrate on a ….MMMMONNNNDAYYY?

A lot of questions for this years Valentine’s Day but one thing for sure is needing for find the perfect gift. Our friends at Devils River Whiskey have some special flavors that will not only spice up Valentine’s Day but also sweeten the mood with that special someone.

We will discuss which flavors to try below and see where it fits for that special gift for your loved one. Be sure to click the link below to find a place that sells Devils River Whiskey that is close to you. IF not, demand it!!!

Which Flavor Should You Get?

Devils River Whiskey has some delicious flavors that will satisfy everyone’s needs during your special day. Which flavor will fit into your plans for that special day that will make it very adventurous?

  • Coffee Bourbon
    • Let’s start off the list with an obvious one since it’s gonna be a Monday! Devils River has a Coffee Bourbon that will not only make sure you get your daily coffee intake but subscribes to the Monday Meme. We all need coffee on that day, you can include this drink part of your early brunch for Valentine’s day.
  • Rye Whiskey
    • A flavorful day should include a flavorful drink! You and your Valentine’s Day date could be enjoying a nice homecooked meal with some fantastic dessert. While your outside on the porch wrapped in a blanket looking at the stars together, a quick drink of Devils River Rye Whiskey will make the stars not feel  so damn far away.
  • Agave Bourbon
    • A night out in restaurant that serves elegant food and of course required a 2 week notice to book that special day. While waiting for your special prepared meal, you should ask the waiter that you require a drink that will mark the evening as successful. Devils River Whiskey’s newest flavor Agave Bourbon will bring the aroma of the city night life to you and your special date when that first glass is poured.
  • Bourbon Whiskey
    • With steaks on the grill and the potatoes boiling on the stove top, there is a drink that will welcome you and your loved one to an evening break from the noise of the world. The kids could be in the other room doing their homework and relaxing while mom and dad rekindle their love after the BBQ when its quiet again. Devils River Bourbon Whiskey is a drink you and your loved one will have and sip while holding each other talking about the life they have today and memories from the past.

Each flavor featured here fits into a particular moment for a special moment during Valentine’s Day. A drink can be your outlet to a moment that will be created for this special day. You can celebrate your past, celebrate your present or even celebrate a future that will surely share with the person next to you. Be sure to share them that moment with a drink from Devils River Whiskey.

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