Final Hours To Help Global Game Jam Meet Its Funding Goal!

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The Global Game Jam®, a charity organization that unifies professional, student and hobbyist game designers each year in a worldwide effort to promote creative collaboration, is in the final days of its IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for operational costs and a website relaunch.

Each year for the past 12 years the Global Game Jam (GGJ®) has brought together thousands of game developers in physical locations around the world in over 100 countries to create video game experiences surrounding a centralized theme that changes each year.

Running the GGJ centrally costs around US$350K per year, including staffing costs, web hosting, online tools, video production, GDC and GGJ NEXT-related costs.This budget is primarily covered by sponsors, as well as support from the broader global community.

Watch the Intro video for GGJ Crowdfunder 2020:

About Global Game Jam
The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world’s largest game jam that provides a common theme where amateur, professional and hobbyist game creators can join in, creating video games in physical locations around the world. It brings together creative minds to share experiences and express thoughts, ideas and sentiments through the medium of video games. The weekend stirs an international, creative buzz in the industry, exploring the process of game development in every aspect, including programming, iterative design, narrative exploration and artistic expression. Condensed into a 48-hour development cycle, the GGJ encourages people of all backgrounds to participate and contribute to the spread of game development and creativity in an open, non-competitive atmosphere. For more information, please visit: