Final Fantasy I II III Memory Of Heroes Review

The stories that have came to become the legend of the Final Fantasy gaming series is out now in a book format. Takashi Umemura has authored the new book called Final Fantasy I II III Memory of Heroes. Takashi has given video game fans from all over the world the ability to read the stories from the first 3 Final Fantasy games. This book was written to showcase the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy and give fans ,new and old, an idea of the story and how it has grown to what it is today.

What is Final Fantasy?

Well in Final Fantasy, there is a world where darkness and light are balanced. Darkness decides it doesn’t want to be balanced, so it influences someone in order to do its dirty work. That person will then get monsters to drain the life out of the 4 Crystals throughout Earth in order to remove light and have darkness takes over. Then there are 4 individuals that are given the chance to become Warriors of Light and slay these beasts and send darkness back into balance. Pretty cool right?! Exactly and this story from multiple video game series has built a world wide phenomenon that has fans saving Earth from these fiends for years.

We have received a copy of the book to read and review for our fans.

Here is our thoughts on the book:


  • Lore
    • Many entities such as movies and shows derive their stories from books. They take those stories, change up things and adapt them for “those shows”. Takashi, though, is different and stayed true to the stories, characters and world of each game. You feel you are on the quest to find these Crystals, slay the fiends and save the world. You really do feel like your in the actual game trying to save the world but instead of a controller, you reading it in a book.
  • Art Summaries
    • I love that the author provided valuable art in this book. You have the ability now visualize the people and places of what you have read. I really loved the maps as now you can see the travel they had to do in order to get to those places. This is really neat and enjoyed that part!


  • Location of Art
    • The first few pages of the book displayed each stories characters and maps of their time line. I loved that idea but I felt the art was in the wrong locations. I would think the art should have been at the end of each story kind of like of summary of the characters you read and map of what they saw. This felt like a spoiler to fans that are barely getting into Final Fantasy and have been given a glimpse of each book prior to reading the stories.

Rating: 9.5

This book is a full circle for gamers who have taken the journey to play Final Fantasy I II and of course III. This gives a new generation of players an ability to get to know the Final Fantasy stories that have come and built an empire for gamers today. Even though I felt the art pages locations should have been different, this book though is fantastic and amazing. Final Fantasy fans need to get a copy of this book and take the plunge to save the Earth. Be ready to take your imagination to our heroes and give them the strength they need to overcome darkness.

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