You are currently viewing Fantasy Typing Adventure RPG Nanotale Soon Hits Steam Early Access

Fantasy Typing Adventure RPG Nanotale Soon Hits Steam Early Access

Fantasy Typing Adventure RPG Nanotale Hits Steam Early Access This Fall

Typing Chronicles franchise expands on October 23rd

Mons, Belgium — October 8th, 2019 — Indie developer Fishing Cactus announced that atmospheric typing adventure, Nanotale, is coming to Steam Early Access on October 23rd. Successor to the award-winning adventure game EpistoryNanotale pulls players into a magical quest to save the dying planet using nothing but their typing skills.

“We are so glad to be bringing another addition to the Typing Chronicles franchise,” said Bruno Urbain, CEO of Fishing Cactus. “The typing mechanic gives players a unique way to experience this adventure-action RPG hybrid. Fans of Epistory will appreciate how Nanotale plays on the strength of its predecessor and new players will soon realise how addictive typing your way through hordes of enemies is.”

Nanotale tells a fascinating story of a world on the brink of destruction as the heart of magic pumps its last beats. Players take on the role of novice Archivist, Rosalind, who sets out on a journey to the magical valley to collect plant and rock samples as well as catalog mysterious occurrences in an attempt to unravel the secrets surrounding the looming demise of Earth.

Nanotale delivers a blend of typing adventure and RPG experience as players stumble upon and interact with other characters, solve various puzzles and unleash magical powers to defeat foes. The game draws players in with its unique game mechanics as everything from movement to combat, even to menu controls, is accomplished using solely a keyboard, thus challenging players to sharpen their typing skills throughout the game. The Early Access version of Nanotale is translated into English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese with commercial release slated for 2020.

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Nanotale Early Access Trailer

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Fishing Cactus is an independent games developer composed of 20 individuals. Based in Mons, Belgium, the company’s aim is to showcase their originality and ability to thrive in a nation without many game development studios. Fishing Cactus is the maker of the rated overwhelmingly positive on Steam and awards winning game Epistory – Typing Chronicles, an atmospheric adventure folded in an origami world. For more information, visit: