Fan Expo Dallas Reaches For The Stars In 2019

Dallas gave the best welcome in the world to comic convention Fan Expo. The doors highlighted an ocean of Fan Expo attendees with amazed eyes! Cosplayers were all over the place with the key to our imaginations. They were all over the convention and we saw some of the coolest recreations of comic scenes with other cosplayers. The waterfall of celebrities was a joy of sight for many of the attendees as well. We experienced a celebrity area that was stock full of fantastic people. We saw the reunion of Back to the Future, The Lost Boys, and Boy meets World at Dallas Fan Expo.

The amazement never ended once you passed by the celebrity area. You had vendors and artists with some unique items to sell. They even brought things that many eyes never seen before. There were some awesome statues that were as big as I am. I was astonished and felt small next to them. The artists had art that you wanted to hang in your home and be proud of. The imagination these artists provide is an experience that many people journey through just with the sight of them. The reality is altered with their renditions of many of today’s heroes.

All in All, Fan Expo reached for the stars and captured the galaxy. They showcased a fun and adventurous convention for all ages. The artists were amazing, cosplayers showcased their creativity and the guests were just fun to be around. You can take multiple trips around the con and still feel you barely scratched the surface on what was provided at the convention.