Fan Expo Dallas Deserves A Standing Ovation

Traveling going north on I-35, my thoughts raced on how Dallas will respond to Fan Expo. My thoughts were racing on how I would also respond to Fan Expo in Dallas. Believe me, when I tell you this, my face hurts so much from smiling at this convention.

My crew and I arrive in Dallas in a crisp cool morning and after a long drive from San Antonio, we were ready to walk around and stretch our legs.

We walk in and head to the media table and met some really cool people and chit chatted on the do’s and don’t’s of the con, believe me, I like to be well informed.

The layout was amazing, I really enjoyed the structure and how everything was put together. We started off looking at what the vendor’s had today and we talked to a few people here and there. One vendor that caught our attention was Valor Artisans and the armor clothing was just amazing.

We then interviewed Holly Wolf and we have a great talk about what she is up to and being cool as well. The interview is located here hope you check it out, really great to hear what she has to say and of course she is very easy on the eyes.

2016-06-04 14.46.22

We then continued on and talk to some amazing artists and it was so fun seeing them but it was off to the celebrities. I was in amazement as the celebrities were really nice people and often waved hi to their fans. Stan Lee was incredible and signed a few things for us and we were able to say hi to Jon Bernthal and he looked up and acknowledge us as well. Elden Henson took the time to talk to us about Daredevil and hang out. He was a really nice guy and I enjoyed talking to him. The mix of celebrities ranges from John Cusack to Jim Cummings who does the voice of Winnie The Pooh.

Fan Expo Dallas proved that a mix of things is a good thing and provided fans with a great sense and amazing opportunities for the future.

Enjoy your time and come out to Fan Expo when it comes back to Dallas, you will leave amazed and astonished and of course your cheeks from hurting as you smile all day long.