Family Leader Air Bud Entertainment Launches First-Ever NFT Digital Collectible Community

MALIBU, CA (April 12, 2022) – Air Bud Entertainment (ABE), creators of the iconic ‘Air Bud’ franchise that became a staple for multiple generations of moviegoers, announces the first-ever digital fan community platform for the company’s overwhelmingly popular family brands with the debut of Air Bud Entertainment Collectibles. It utilizes blockchain and NFT (non-fungible token) technology to create unique collectibles and exclusive rewards for its community. This immersive new collection brings together the legion of fans of the ABE movie series and franchise – ‘Air Bud’ and Disney’s ‘Air Buddies’ – and NETFLIX franchises, including ‘Pup Academy’ and ‘Scaredy Cats,’ with the company’s expanding universe of fun family content, now including the newest ABE production, top family NETFLIX Series ‘SUPER PUPZ’ (recently released on March 31). The Air Bud Entertainment Collectibles community launches at the end of April on

To create the authentic, fun and innovative Air Bud Entertainment Collectibles community, ABE has collaborated with industry-leading partners, Mint Werx and Vivid Labs. Mint Werx is a fully integrated NFT production studio, leveraging its expertise in NFT program strategy, creative design, technology, and media & activation to build an immersive user experience to form a robust new ABE community. The platform is powered by the best-in-class blockchain technology of Vivid Labs, allowing for updateable multimedia NFTs that create a dynamic and immersive set of experiences.

The Air Bud Entertainment Collectibles launch offers an uncomplicated point of entry into the exciting world of owning NFT collectibles along with real-life exclusive member events. It allows consumers to consume content on screen that will be tradable and collectible on the ABE Collectibles website in the future. Fans will have the opportunity to own many of the iconic characters from the beloved ABE movie franchises and series. And, for a limited time, fans that create an account will receive an Air Bud membership token, exclusive artwork, along with a free NFT trading card featuring one of the exciting characters in the new NETFLIX ‘SUPER PUPZ’ series.

Vivid Labs’ publishing platform represents the evolution of NFTs into complete media experiences through digital assets that are multi-asset and updatable, transforming simple NFTs into rich,

programmable multimedia assets. The solution empowers new ways for creators to deliver premium content and brand engagement through expansive NFTs on a blockchain-enabled, decentralized media processing infrastructure.

Through its breadth of capabilities, Mint Werx has designed the multi-faceted NFT platform with a focus on building community that will include the custom digital assets and member-exclusive content, merchandise, events and experiences in the future. This collectible launch will not require blockchain expertise or cryptocurrency, making it even more accessible for fans who are less familiar with NFTs.

“We’re thrilled to bring together the Air Bud community with an easy, user-friendly and engaging experience that allows first-time NFT owners to embrace the technology while connecting with something they love, ” said ABE founder and CEO Robert Vince. “Mint Werx has strategically designed the NFT platform around our community and harnessed the innovative technology of Vivid Labs to provide a unique platform for engaging with our multi-media content. The experience is made easy with Shopify’s ability to purchase NFTs without needing crypto currency.”

“This is an exciting partnership and opportunity to build a NFT community through family-friendly content and experiences,” said Ryan Sands, SVP of Mint Werx. “ABE has long been a leader in creating fun video content for multiple generations, and we are thrilled to help deliver a cutting-edge platform that further builds connections with their audiences in ways that have never been done before.”


“By partnering with a multi-generational entertainment company like ABE, Vivid Labs is excited to help bring the future of entertainment and media experiences to a brand-new audience,” said Halsey Minor, Founder and CEO of Vivid Labs. “Our forward looking NFT technology opens a new world of opportunities for premium content delivery and fan interaction with this popular family brand and we can’t wait to see how ABE uses our platform to foster a deeper connection with its audience.”


About Air Bud Entertainment

Air Bud Entertainment is the premium brand for live action family movies and series. The company has created over 22 family movies and five movie franchises (five Air Bud movies, nine Disney’s Air Buddies/Santa Paws, four MVP [Most Valuable Primate] and four Pup Star,) that are seen round the world in 190 countries in 22 languages. ABE also created and produced the NETFLIX series Pup Academy, Scaredy Cats and the soon to be released SUPER PUPZ. Air Bud Entertainment is a fully integrated studio that produces all aspects of their creative content and production process, including writing, directing, producing, post-production and visual effects. ABE content connects universal themes of family, teamwork, friendship and triumph of the spirit. Air Bud Entertainment is based in Malibu, California and its studios are in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

About Vivid Labs

Vivid Labs is a full-service NFT technology and strategy provider operated by a world-class team of blockchain and media experts, including digital media pioneer and renowned technology entrepreneur Halsey Minor. Vivid Labs believes in the power of NFTs to inspire transformative media experiences, create significant new value from digital assets, catalyze novel engagement between creators and fans and establish channels for persistent communication between brands and customers. For more information, visit


About Mint Werx

Mint Werx is a premium NFT creative and production studio developing strategies and turnkey solutions for brands and creators. Harnessing the power of sustainable blockchain technologies, Mint Werx delivers cutting-edge, scalable and one-of-a-kind dynamic NFTs and platforms, producing, minting and activating authentic digital expressions that last a lifetime. Through these solutions, Mint Werx simplifies and brings together a complex array of technologies to empower ownership and build prosperous connections between collectors, consumers, communities and culture. Mint Werx is a division of Fusion92 (, a leading Chicago-based independent marketing innovation company founded in 1999. Learn more at