Family Guy Yanket Blanket Review

As a fan of Family Guy, I love to see watch those characters do zany things that make me laugh out loud. I am a huge Quagmire fan with all his sexual innuendo that he showcases in each episode. We are excited to get this Yanket from Toynk Toys and to show you, the fans, you can be discreet when nature calls!

We were able to get it delivered quite fast from Toynk Toys. They may have understood the nature of needing this product to relive some good fun. The package came in a traditional blanket case with a good Family Guy logo on front. The product is very light to carry and great to travel with on those vacations that is needed.

I was able to stretch it out on my bed to get a good look of it. The size is decent, I may have to stretch it a bit as I’m a 6’3 mammoth type man. The yanket was very soft to the touch and felt like I was touching silk. I was falling in love with this blanket and thinking of all things we can do together. The hands on top are bulky and showcases my strength as a buff dude. This blanket has the needs for it to be a success on those lonely nights where I need to save some time.


Here as I was able to try this out in my bed and feel totally relaxed. I was about to say Giggity Giggty like Quagmire but I may have shattered my own speed records in the process. This is a very discreet process and fun prop for every Family Guy fan out there. This collectors item is fun and exciting to use and have in your home today!

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