Families Journey Meals With Happy Cards Contest

When you and your family decide on what to eat together, you are often at a cross roads. Everyone has an idea of where a great meal can be held at that restaurant. Every place everyone has an idea of say could be the best place to find a meal together but you always double check of what makes you happy when you eat.  When you talk to your family, you may ask which place brings a huge smile to y’alls faces.  Which place can make you…let’s say Happy?

Happy Cards is new type of no fee gift card that you can use at a nice restaurant that you and family can enjoy the food from. You can look at this gift card as a gift to not only yourself but to your family when deciding on which place to make a stop together.

We do have those days where we don’t have enough money to purchase a meal on that day. Well Happy Cards are pre paid gift cards you can have in your wallet for a rainy day. Happy Cards will be there for you and your family to have a meal that can turn that frown upside down on those rough days.

With Happy Cards, you can pre pay different amounts into the gift card. You can add values of $20 to $500 to the cards and have them ready for you to use on those rainy days. You can purchase these values with a debit card, credit card or even cash.

Here comes some good news which is starting August 1- August 14, you can Get Happy with Happy Cards for a new school year. Happy Cards is a hot new gift card available at select Kroger stores that will help you get some good food or items from cool stores. The Food places that you can use Happy Cards are Cheesecake Factory, Red Lobster, Bravo! Dell, Texas de Brazil, Panera Bread, McCormick & Schmick’s Brio and a few other places as well.

There are other places you can use Happy Cards at are they are Fuel Rewards, Home Depot, Lord and Taylor, Bed Bath and Beyond, Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th, Spafinder and much more. You can check off your lists that you will need items for your home or back to school. You can achieve it all and be happy while you’re at it.


When you have that day that you need to have a meal with your family, put your trust into Happy Cards. Let Happy Cards be there for you and your family and enjoy that meal with them while Happy Cards take care of the rest.

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For more information go to www.happycards.com to find out more information, but also check with your local stores for details and terms and conditions. They do have information if they do carry Happy Cards and maybe more information as well. Find a Kroger near you: https://bit.ly/2JSks0K