Fallout Nanoforce Box Toynk Toys Review

Please Stand By! Alert! Alert! Alert! The sirens are going off as a new venture is upon us! Toynk Toys is bringing Fallout to you in a new unique way! The new Fallout Nanoforce is a Fallout collectors dream! You can own many of the pieces that include characters and items from Fallout series and Fallout 76 game.


We were able to do an unboxing that has came out on Youtube. We were able to open the Box 1 and Box 2, while showing you the figurines that come with each box!

Buy them now; https://www.toynk.com/collections/fallout-nanoforce/products/fallout-nanoforce-series-1-army-builder-figure-collection-boxed-volume-1#a_aid=5c11c63cd63cb&a_cid=11111111&chan=code2

Each figurine is made of hard plastic and molded to your favorite characters from Fallout 76. They are done in a unique and fun way. I was able to see some of the nice and smooth ridges from each character. They are finely done and crafted from the artists. They are 2 inch in scale and seem like pieces for future gaming matches for table top.


Characters included Strongman, Scientist, Reaper, Drinker, Soldier, and leprechaun. Those are the vault boy perks and scale artifacts include mini nuke, armored dogmeat, Nuka Cola bottle, and more! Each box does come with mystery items there for the collector.  You can collect all the items that is featured on the Fallout gaming series.

As a fan of Fallout, i enjoyed the items that came with Fallout Nanoforce boxes. I am a collector so having these pieces next to my fallout games is cool. This will standout in my gaming room and showcase a cool vibe. This is a collectors item and licensed to Toynk Toys, so no one will have these boxes. Collectors, come out and check out this cool new items and have them readily available to show in your collection.


Get them here: https://www.toynk.com/collections/fallout-nanoforce/products/fallout-nanoforce-series-1-army-builder-figure-collection-boxed-volume-1#a_aid=5c11c63cd63cb&a_cid=11111111&chan=code2