Fallout Mystery Box Unboxing And Review With Coupon

DISCLAIMER: We received a product complementary for a review. All words are written with honesty and from a bloggers point of view. 

When you think of the deserted lands of Fallout,  a mystery is always around the corner. You may not what that corner will bring, but the thunderous roar of yelling will be heard for miles and miles. The yelling at this moment will be the act of surprise from this post – apocalyptic lands of mystery. The yelling from this Fallout mystery is not only of surprise but with joy! Toynk Toys has an amazing mystery box with some cool Fallout collectibles and memorabilia.

Sir Nick Justice with an item from the Fallout mystery box.

What is inside a Fallout Mystery Box? What mysteries does the box hold inside that will make collectors crumble with excitement? Every item from the Fallout box is licensed from their owner Bethesda so this is very legit and awesome at the same time!


Here is the unboxing which was done at Wizard World Austin 2018! 


Sir Nick Justice is a cosplayer from San Antonio, TX who did an amazing job unboxing the Fallout mystery box! We were able to see all the items featured in this mystery box shown in the video above. You can find this box at any Toynk Toy’s booth at various comic conventions and Expos. If you can’t make it the conventions, you can order your very own box now on their website! We have a special link where not only you can get a Fallout mystery box but you will get one at a great price!

Sir Nick Justice posing at Toynk’s booth at Wizard World Austin


Get your own Fallout mystery box! Buy one HEREhttp://bit.ly/2Nsg9jb