Exorcist Vengeance Film Review

Exorcist Vengeance is a film by Scott Jeffrey starring Robert Bronzi, Simon Furness. Father Jozsef is called on to go meet with a family who is dealing with evil in the house. As the devil is infected the family and takes the life of the Grandmother. Fathe Jozsef will come to face his past and the Devil again.

The family is not believing evil is at work but just a mental issue that starts to drive a wedge in the family. As Father Jozsef arrives at the home he gets right to work only to conform he is dealing with the greatest evil he knows. Death is at play with the evil within the house.

Just there is more to this family and some dark secrets will come to light. A member of the family is the source of the evil that comes to this house. As Fathe Jozsef comes to blows with a very unbelieving member he is asked to leave.

Giving the devil a hold on the family can Father Jozsef overcome this evil and at what cost. I give this one a solid 7 out of 10. Robert Bronzi’s performances made the movie for me. A Charles Bronson meets the Father from the exorcist gave this film the vibe that worked for me. The story is good and overall a good film to check out. Be sure to give this one a watch out now and see how it all ends.