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Exciting Changes with Magma That Will Benefit The Creative Industry

Magma was created by artists for artists. The idea was simple: build a platform for creative communities & art departments that could function seamlessly in today’s remote-first, fast-paced business environment. CEO Damian Kaczmarek, CPO Wojtek Jodel, and CTO Radek Eichler built the first iteration of Magma with a unique set of features that allowed artists of all skill levels to collaborate, communicate, brainstorm and share – all in real-time and without leaving their virtual canvas!

Established in the early days of the pandemic, Magma won the 2021 BRIC Foundation Innovation Award and continues to be a key innovator for progress in the field.

Magma launched in September 2020 with a key partnership: LightBox Expo (art conference owned by Bobby Chiu and Jim Demonakos, stakeholders & key advisors to Magma). In 2021, the team executed a strategic partnership with Wacom (the global leader in the art tablet market) and Pitch Dev Studios (recent projects include Finch and Black Adam). These partnerships helped Magma grow to over one million users in just 12 months.

Accompanying a recent rebranding (from Magma Studio) and a new domain is the launch of Artspaces, the first collaborative space for artists and their teams. Artspaces serves as the keystone of Magma’s new Enterprise solution. It is available for all qualifying businesses today and is already being used by some of the top studios across the globe.

Artspaces is an entirely unique & powerful collaboration tool designed specifically for creative teams and corporate art departments. Now, everyone working in a creative role, a reviewer role, or managing role can easily get on the same page, organize workflow, manage people & projects, share ideas and brainstorm – all in real time with seamless integration into the current workflow.

Artspaces features a full suite of privacy, personalization and administration tools that can be managed by one or more administrators. With Artspaces, remote and hybrid teams can stay fully engaged, as if they were working in the same room.

Today’s exciting news is just the first step in a comprehensive 12-month roadmap. Voice comments with replayable paintovers and a full 3D pipeline integration are just a preview of the enhancements to the set of features that will pave the way towards the launch of Magma’s new Enterprise Solutions Group in mid-2023.

Official website:

Making Art Multiplayer! Designed to boost creativity, workflow, and art team engagement.

Magma by the Numbers

1+ million

Artists, Mentors, and Creative Studios using Magma as the tool for art collaboration


Countries where Magma is used every day

4+ million

Visitors per month

20+ million

Artworks created


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