Eternal Hope Survival Guide: Ghastly Ghouls and Where to Find Them

Along with a poignant storyline, visually captivating environments, and compelling characters, Doublehit Studios’ Eternal Hope also has ghastly ghouls aplenty! Today, the developers are taking a deep look into the Shadow World, revealing more about the mysterious and haunting creatures that dwell in the murky realm.

The An’mu are the ghostly inhabitants of the Shadow World, and while all of them seem menacing at first glance, that’s hardly the case! In the video, the developers detail these creatures and their role in the protagonist Ti’bi’s love-fueled journey through dimensions.

Watch Eternal Hope‘s ‘Ghouls of the Shadow World’ trailer here:


While the presence of a mask on a stranger may invoke feelings of distrust and uncertainty, the exact opposite can be said of the An’mu. While wearing their protective masks, the An’mu demonstrate that they are friendly allies willing to help Ti’bi on his journey. Through complex puzzles and hazardous situations masked An’mu can be used to make a quick escape or progress through a level otherwise inaccessible to Ti’bi. On the other hand, an unmasked An’mu should be avoided at all costs —  their exposed appearance means that their souls have been corrupted and they will viciously attack Ti’bi given the chance.

When encountering an unmasked An’mu, there is no chance of talking things out. Ti’bi has to decide whether he will run for safety or risk his life!

Eternal Hope is a visually captivating puzzle-platformer inspired by the artistic stylings of Studio Ghibli. Giving new meaning “life after death”, players take on the role of Ti’bi, a young, grief-stricken boy haunted by the untimely death of his beloved girlfriend. Ti’bi will venture far beyond the world as we know it in order to be reunited with his soul mate, and he’ll meet plenty of helpful and equally malevolent characters along the way. With the ability to travel between the real world a purgatory-like realm called the Shadow World, Ti’bi will uncover secrets about life, death, and the peculiar space in between.

Developed and published by Doublehit Studios, Eternal Hope will launch on Windows PC via Steam on August 6, 2020, with an Xbox One release coming later this year. To learn more, visit the official site:

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