Esports Jerseys now available at Soesic Clothing

As a streamer and of course gamer, you need to have some style. When your either going to conventions or community meetups for testing your gaming skills, you need to make an entrance. You need to let others know who you are and how much swagger you got by entering the doors. What makes a better impact than having your own Esports jersey.

Soesic Clothing has came out where you can design your own Esports jerseys for a limited time! Get your gamer tag and your Twitch link on there. If your not a Twitch streamer, you can have it removed! This is exciting as people can not only follow you but now know where to watch you as well. Below is a quick mock up on what you would do!


The end result is below and you will fall in love! They are many colors, designs and more that you can choose. Be unique, be different and be trending with jerseys like this! CLICK HERE to get your own jersey! Enter VICTORISHAPPY and you will get a 15% off your current total!