Escape from Death Block 13 Review

Escape from Death Block 13 is a film by Gary Jones starring Robert Bronzi. A story of a brother coming to collect the death benefits for his brother’s death. Mick is met with some real crooked guys and is flipped a coin and told to leave. Only wanting what is owed to his brother he finds himself in a fight where he is set up and arrested.

Mick found himself with his back against the wall with a deal on the table to work for the cops. He is sent to prison to find some info on a drug ring linked to his brother’s death.

Mick is not one to follow orders he is shown the ropes quickly. Making some new friends and finding the big bad guy of the yard. He starts to gather info and learn the system. Setting up for action-filled rest of the film.

A real throwback to the 1980’s style of revenge and prison films. An action-packed film with Robert Bronzi starring in it had me ready for a slugfest. Robert did not disappoint one bit. A love letter to the revenge films of the 80s to hay days of real gritty action flicks. I give this one an 8 out of ten great action film a throwback vibe and a story that just oozes revenge makes for a wild ride. My only grip is the CGI blood and gunshots but it really not that bad just enjoy practical effects.

Fans of 80s films will enjoy this one and those who enjoy action films. Out Nov 2nd on Demand.