Canadian rock singer and songwriter Eric Bolton shares the music video for his debut original solo song ‘Genesis (Let There Be Love)’. The track is a rock anthem for the ages, which Eric describes as “a song to mark my coming out as gay and beginning to celebrate the big life and big love I always knew I was meant to live.”


Eric grew up as a closeted kid in a highly conservative Christian family with many messages from the church and society putting down his sense of self-worth and confidence. Knowing he was gay from a very young age, he spent over two decades being told that he did not deserve to love or be loved as he was. With depression taking over, Eric then spent years hiding away from the world. In May 2020 at the age of 31, he finally stood up for himself and proudly came out as gay.


Speaking of that time, Eric says, “I decided to take my life back and saw it as my new beginning, so I wrote Genesis immediately after coming out. Stealing from biblical beginnings, I named the song ‘Genesis’ and swapped ‘let there be light’ for ‘let there be love’. It’s been a beautiful journey of self discovery, mental and emotional clarity, and increasing confidence ever since.”


The lyrics of ‘Genesis’ capture the hopeful light of Eric finally coming into his true self, with the excitement of who and what he can now become without the shackles of familial or societal pressures to be a certain way. He no longer holds onto the acceptance of others, but rather the unconditional acceptance and love that he has found for himself.

Eric says, “I want people to celebrate themselves and live for what’s right for them, and, for some, that may mean a completely new beginning. This song is for people who need to shed whatever negative messages society and upbringings have brought to their views of self and to live in greater love without fear.”


Eric Bolton is a Canadian singer and songwriter, both as a solo artist and as frontman of rock band, Shy Harry. After releasing two full length Shy Harry albums and a Shy Harry EP, Eric decided to begin to develop his catalog of his own personal music. Bringing over 13 years of performance experience, and inspired by a heavy time of personal growth, Eric wrote and recorded his debut single, ‘Genesis (Let There Be Love)’. The song comes with anticipation for a whole new chapter of writing for Eric as he prepares his next song release, ‘The Home Light’, and a forthcoming EP of like-spirited songs.


Eric Bolton also owns and operates a music school, E-Bolt Music, that has been serving the Cambridge, Ontario community with a fantastic team of instructors for over 10 years now. Eric and his team have now also begun to build a library of video lessons and expand beyond the Cambridge community through online learning. He is also quite passionate about being involved on a ground level in his community of Cambridge and specifically his neighbourhood of Galt. Eric founded ‘Galt Love’ 5 years ago that still runs today as an ongoing celebration of local attractions, sights, businesses, and arts.



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