EPOS H6 Pro Gaming Headset Closed Acoustic Review

There are headsets for gamers and then there is that one headset the reigns supreme over other headsets. I never been so addicted to a headset that not only brings in sounds that mimics high class quality but also looks hella damn cool. EPOS newest gaming headset is called H6 Pro Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset. Your going to keep this headset on your head no only for streaming and gaming but also jamming to your favorite music or editing your videos and music. This headset does it all!

We have tested this headset out while playing on our Xbox Series S with the game Silver Chains. Yes, we got scared and yes, we had nightmares that night. Either way, the sounds from the headset provided a fantastic gameplay that we haven’t had in many years.

Here is the review:


  • Closed Acoustic
    • You wouldn’t believe how cool this is which also scared the socks off my feet. I was testing out the headphones while playing the horror game Silver Chains on my Xbox Series S. I got so paranoid cause every little sound came out crisp and clear and didn’t know if that was from the game or from my home. Granted, I was alone playing this game early in the morning as it was still dark outside.
  • Xbox Series S
    • I was able to secure my Xbox Series S months ago when it first came out and noticed there wasn’t many accessories for my next gen console. I would have to use a limited range of accessories on my new console and couldn’t use the Series S to its full potential. Using this headset on the next gen console was fantastic and amazing. You felt like your in a movie theatre with the quality of the headset and the sounds that come out from it.
  • Magnetic Boom Arm
    • I never would suspect the boom arm that administers your voice throughout chats and gameplay would be able to come off and quickly back on. This is done with a MAGNET that would snap back on quickly and easy. I didn’t have any trouble getting the arm off to use for my music recording. Then once done, putting the arm back on and playing some Call of Duty with ease.



Rating: 10 out of 10

Buy now: https://www.eposaudio.com/en/us/gaming/products/h6pro-closed-sebring-gaming-headset-1000933