Epic Card Game Review

Epic Card Game

By: White Wizard Games

Reviewed by: John Cano



Are you wanting to try your hand at deck building games, but are a little intimidated by the seemingly complex rules? Well fret not my friends here comes Epic to the rescue.

The entire game fits neatly in a very nice and colorful 3in x 4in deck box covered in amazing fantasy art. Inside the box are 120 unique cards, 8 double sided token cards, and a rule book. The rules are actually quite easy to understand and only a few times while playing I had to briefly glance at the book to be sure what I was doing was correct. A typical game takes about 20 min to finish,  with one deck you and three friends can enjoy this awesome game however, adding another deck can allow an additional four more players to the chaotic fun of this “Epic” card game.

The game starts with each player having 30 health, 30 cards go to each player, these are considered to be their decks, the objective of the game is to eliminate your opponents, and what makes this interesting is that you could team up with your enemies to eliminate the stronger player, once he/she is eliminated then you can start working on each other until there is one standing victorious.

There are quite a few unique packs you can use to expand your experience with the game that include new events and unique champions, the packs are: Epic Pantheon Gods, Epic Elder Gods, Epic Demigods, Epic Uprising, Epic Tyrants and many more to come. What makes these expansions even better is the fact that they are all budget friendly.

Another thing that makes Epic Card Game great is that it’s a traditional playing card game that has great expansions and replay ability. However, you may be asking yourself “ Hey John why should I get Epic when I could simply just buy Magic”? Well as much as Magic is a great game, for newcomers to card games or novice players it can be pretty hard and not to mention a bit expensive. Where Epic is in ways like Magic just with a lot of the complexity stripped away to where you and your friends are just duking it out with one another bare knuckle style, not to mention more budget friendly. However, not to say veteran card players won’t have fun with this game because you would, it’s fun, fast paced and I can see this as a game you can play when you’re on the go or at work on a break. Maybe teach a fellow co-worker how to play so they can get in on the fun and perhaps introduce them to the wondrous world of deck building games.

All in all White Wizard Games has a knack for building unique card games that are fun and great for beginners as well as for seasoned card players, and Epic surly does follow that formula well. I cannot recommend this game enough to anyone looking to get into playing card games, or if you’re just looking for another great game to add to your collection so you can bust it out on game night, either way you’re going to love this game and while you’re at it you can click here to visit: whitewizardgames.com to see the other amazing games they have to offer. 

Rating 10/10 and you can also check out White Wizard Games on all social media platforms and youtube.





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