Enjoyable Nightmares Given to Everyone at Houston Horror Film Fest 2022

As our journey to Houston was rugged with stalled traffic and gas filled air that came from stale burgers from the local burger joint, we came upon the Marriot Westchase Houston location. Once inside, we saw the signs for Houston Horror Film Fest that were welcoming our team with blood curling joy. The travel was a beard scratcher but it was all worth it. We were able to enjoy the sights and sounds provided by Houston Horror Film Festival. This year, the location was in a different hotel with bigger space as well. We saw some haunting cosplays from a ton of cosplayers as well met some vendors that had some fantastic items to sell.

Right below, we talked about a few things we enjoyed from the film festival as their was so much to describe. We also have interviews below and pictures from our photo albums as well. They are still being updated at this moment so be on the lookout for new content from Houston Horror Film Fest 2022!

What We Digged

  • The Huge Space
    • This year’s Houston Horror Film Fest is in a HUGE venue that provided ample space for vendors, artists, celeb guests, and the film festival! We were able to walk around with ease and not be into a bumping car challenge with various people. This gave way to the showcase of so many new vendors that brought joy to my shopping cart.
  • The Celeb Guests
    • I will have to say this: James Duval is FREAKING AWESOME! The stories and memories that were created not only with James but with other guests was fantastic! Amanda Bearse is someone that we didn’t think we would meet or even interview but she was a total sweetheart. Felissa Rose is always a sight for us and gave us more stories to enjoy this year. We also rekindled with Ginger Lynn and she gave us an amazing team shot as well. Each guest provided their own story, their memory for fans attending and the stories from guests were just amazing.
  • Nice People
    • Everybody was nice! Everybody was cool! We enjoy horror events as everyone just wants to hang out, drink some whiskey and relax. We all traded stories of what we love about horror including what we saw at the film festival as well. Horror attracts people that are easy going who want to see some slashing! Which is good with us all!

This event is a 10/10 and can’t wait for 2023! I know the founders are up to no good creating new ideas for the type of view they want to bring for the following year. We can’t wait to come back and see the continued growth for the horror scene not only in Houston but for the surrounding area! Make sure Houston Horror Film Fest 2023 is on your radar to attend!

Find Pictures here:

Day 1

Day 2

Find Interviews here:

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