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ENHANCED Film Review

ENHANCED is a sci-fi action film by James Mark about a group of enhanced humans. Who have escaped their creators and are now hunted by a team tasked to get them back. Hiding they must be careful not to use their powers.

They must blend in and lay low not only from the team after them but another hunter killing them. The deck is stacked against them Anna trying to work and stay low. She finds herself in a big problem when her boss tries to help her with some fake papers with some mob type. Only to have it go sideways and leading the team to her.

A very action-packed film and a few twists in the story to make it stand as its own. The story did remind me of the show, Dark Angel, in a few aspects. Which is a good story and this film follows a close storyline.

ENHANCED: Director’s Statement
Growing up with a profound fascination for martial arts, it wasn’t long before my eye was caught
by the likes of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and many other greats who captured countless hours of
unforgettable action cinema. I was instantly hooked, watching film after film and spending a
good portion of my pre-adolescent years attempting to mimic their movements. Some boys
dream of being a police officer, others a fireman, but for myself I knew what I wanted to be. No,
what I had to be… A Ninja. My parents were hesitant at first but after some convincing they
agreed to enroll me in Karate, and since then I’ve never looked back.

As a filmmaker and fan of the action genre, I’m drawn to films from the 80’s and 90’s, as the
greats exploit a unique type of raw, physical talent that is presently rare to find. From an action
perspective, the angles have stability and the cuts are clean, allowing for the crisp movements
to be digested with ease. The audience is able to see/feel everything that happens on camera
without modern gimmicks such as “shaky cam” or visual enhancement. From a story
perspective, the plot lines are relatively simple, engaging yet easy to follow and never overly
dramatic. In terms of characters, they provide us a hero that we can live vicariously through time
and time again as he/she fights through one death-defying situation to another, uncovering
truths and conquering weaknesses. That is of course until they square off against a compelling
antagonist for a fight that you’ve anxiously been waiting for.

For those of us who love the genre, these films inspired us, resonated with us and left us
wanting to join a dojo or play with a broom stick in the backyard. Their endings were often
invigorating, leaving even the average audience member on a contact high. My intention with
ENHANCED is to do just that. I intend to bring back the simplicity of timeless action films while
integrating modern cinematography and sci-fi elements that speak to audiences across the
globe. Visually pleasing, slow-moving shots will be used to build tension while our hero and his
squad prepare to capture their targets; contrasted by fast-paced, rhythmic action sequences
with out of this world visual effects

Overall the film is a good action-packed one with some good story and you must try to see how is really the true bad guys in this film. It is a must-see for sci-fi fans so check this one out and see for yourself.