Enchanting Puzzler ‘Pode’ Heads to Steam this April

Enchanting Puzzler ‘Pode’ Heads to Steam this April

Pre-purchase the award-winning cooperative adventure now via Xsolla!

Bergen, Norway – March 20th, 2020 – Independent developer Henchman & Goon today announced that their co-op exploration game, Pode, will launch on Steam for PC on April 3rd. From today, players can pre-purchase Pode via Xsolla with a 15% discount from €15.99/$19.99.

“We are eager to bring Pode on Steam and expand its audience beyond console players,” said Yngvill Hopen, Game Director and CEO at Henchman & Goon. “We’ve always claimed that Pode is the most fun when played in co-op, and now through Steam’s Remote Play Together, it’s even easier. Players will be able to traverse the game world cooperatively without needing to be in the same room.”

Pre-purchase Pode on Xsolla: https://pode.xsollasitebuilder.com

Pode is a co-op puzzle adventure game about two unlikely travel companions – a rock named Builder, and a fallen star named Glo, going on an exploratory journey within a mysterious and magical mountain. Through unique individual talents the duo revitalize the environment around them by working together to solve mind-bending puzzles. Featuring a musical track composed by the acclaimed Austin Wintory and visually inspired by Norwegian art and culture, Pode is a stunning exploration game that can be played alone or with a friend.

Pode won the development award for Best Casual Game and was selected as a nominee for the People’s Choice Awards for Best Quality of Art at GameConnection 2018, and in 2019 won three national awards in Norway for “Best Art”, “Best Audio” and “Best Fun for Everyone” as well as “Best Art” at Nordic Game Awards. But the team is most proud of praise received from Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larsson (see tweet).  For more information, visit: www.podegame.com

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Pode Steam Launch Trailer

About Henchman & Goon:

Henchman & Goon is an independent game studio in beautiful Bergen, Norway. We’ve known and worked with each other for years and we’re proud to have a studio that encompasses our unified vision for making great games. Our mission is to create games that we want to play ourselves and that leave a lasting positive impression. Henchman & Goon consists of a dedicated team of professionals that work brilliantly together in a unified passion for creating excellence in game development. For more information, visit: http://henchmangoon.com/