Emoter’s Debut EP Paradox Out July 22, On Lowly

Belgian producer, Emoter, has been working on his debut EP, Paradox, since the beginning of quarantine and is now ready to share it with the world. The tracklist includes “Life Goes On,” “Paradox,” “Beyond,” “Awakenings” and “The Void.”


His music takes you on an adventure from beginning to end with each track filled with an incredible orchestra with synths in the background. Emoter’s music encourages all his listeners to envision their journey through human emotions in connection to the universe. Blending orchestral and ambient sounds with electronic elements, Emoter creates a beautiful soundscape of uplifting and motivating melodies.


“Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve been trying to expand my style and experiment with new sounds. The Paradox EP represents this new path I’ve been taking. Making music has always been a way for me to communicate my thoughts and feelings, which is why, with this EP, I want to take the listener on a musical journey that’ll help them reflect on life, allowing them to dig deep into their thoughts’’ says Emoter.


Imagine the world in which we live is alive, full of spirit and exciting, yet is sometimes complex, full of challenges and often runs contrary to our expectations. The Paradox EP interprets and encapsulates these ideas and feelings and presents them in a musical experience. You can also watch “The Emoter Experience” playlist on YouTube via Lowly. Emoter’s “Purpose” visualizer has gained over 650,000 views since it was released in October of 2020. Fans love the cinematic experience Emoter shares throughout his musical journey and soon “The Emoter Experience” will include two brand new visualizers to transport you to another realm on this next chapter. 


Stream Paradox (EP) out on all platforms July 22 HERE.


About Emoter

18-year-old producer, Emiel Boterberg, is blending his love of future bass and orchestral music to create a new sound for all to hear. Boterberg created his stage “Emoter” by combining his first and last name together. Emoter’s music is a journey through human emotions in connection to the universe.  Emoter made his first breakthrough in 2017 when he won first prize with the Spinnin’ Records Remix contest of Snavs – End With You (feat. KING). In 2019, he got picked up by Trap Nation, and has since signed with Lowly.