Emi Jeen Debut ‘The Other Side’ EP is out now!

Emi Jeen debut EP “The Other Side” is out now! The Other Side EP brings Emi Jeen musical journey to the forefront  of your headphones. You press play to hear the collage of vocal prowess’s from Emi Jeen! Your taken through the hoops of Holy Water and No Way Out and then the epic light saber fight with her first single Other Side. I am enjoying the album as her voice adjusts to each song with different notes of her vocal range. Emi gives you glimpses of her stories with lyrics that are just straight forward with no fluffing. A complete EP that I can enjoy from the first song to the end!

listen here:

press info:

Emi Jeen‘s songs tell a tale – at once hopeful and nostalgic; wistful and urgent; raw and graceful. The Montreal-based alt-pop artist shares her first EP entitled The Other Side featuring evocative new single, “Other Side,” a perfect showcase of her emotionally raw and powerful vocals.’

Creating music is Emi Jeen‘s therapy. The Other Side EP talks about holding emotions inside until they explode (“Holy Water”), wanting to run away and start all over somewhere else (“Runaway”), the toxic relationships we encounter (“Keep Me in the Dark”), the confusion of loving two people at the same time (“No Way Out”) and the fact that she’s done being controlled by others (“Other Side.”)